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Tuesday , 02/12/2013
  How Flu Succeeds: Investigators have identified 295 human cell factors that influenza A strains must harness to infect a cell, including the currently circulating swine-origin H1N1.
Benefit Solutions For Employers

At EMAS, we create solutions that make living better for employers which in turn reflect positively on the employer's reputation and prestige.

In today's business climate, employee health plans have become more than just a benefits issue for the Human Resources departments to manage. Benefits have become a significant business issue for executives too. Health plans play a pivotal role in carving a company's image.

EMAS creates employee benefits solutions that promote the long-term health of the employer and the employee. Each solution includes 3 key elements:

Strategic Cost Management:
At EMAS, we believe that it takes more than provider discounts and cost shifting to control healthcare costs. It takes a holistic view of the entire health care delivery system - from tight day-to-day management of claims to data driven approaches that promote better health for members and better decisions for employers.
The Result
Not only do You reduce the ever-increasing cost and risk of an employee health plan this year and in the future. Your employees become more engaged in the purchase of their own healthcare and are provided new resources to improve their overall health and productivity.
Personalized Service:
Making a healthcare decision is a little easier when you get the attention of a compassionate benefits professional on the other end of the phone. At EMAS, each employer receives a dedicated team that knows your members, recognizes your company's strategy, and understands the health plan inside and out. EMAS solutions are built to deliver consistent, personalized service to members, employers, and advisors The overall impact is highly motivated and health conscious staff that adds to overall efficiency and productivity.
The Result
You get a dedicated team of benefits professionals focused on efficient, accurate administration of your health plan so that you have the time to focus on your core competency and strategy. Your employees can feel comfortable talking to an accountable, dedicated benefits administrator who pays their claims and answers the phone, no matter what.
Intelligent Technology:
At EMAS, technology means more than just claims processing systems and information-rich websites. To create solutions that include strategic cost management and personalized service EMAS has made significant investments in a world-class technology platform. We use intelligent technology to provide timely information:
* To our members so that they can access their personal information any time, anywhere through our Online Services.
* To our Benefits Administrators so that they can provide personalized service on every call.
* To our Account Executives so that they can help employers and advisors manage the cost and performance of the plan.
Additionally, EMAS uses intelligent technology that focuses on improved capability and capacity as well as reducing costs and mitigating barriers to high performance. We focus our efforts on claims processing, communications, electronic data interchange , data warehousing and reporting, and business continuity.
The Result
You can be assured of consistent, personalized service as well as the most in-depth information and analysis to make better business decisions. Your members are accurately reimbursed and can access personal health plan information any time, anywhere.
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